Below is a list of standing committees for the Roanoke Valley Branch. If you have an interest in being a member of any of these committees, please contact the committee chairs.

  1. The Committee on Program, chaired by the Vice President for Program, shall be an advocate for all women and girls through the development and implementation of programs and other projects that promote education and equity. Committee membership may include the representatives from the Special Interest Groups and special program committees.
  2. The Committee on Membership, chaired by the Vice President for Membership, shall oversee efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership and provide orientation to the purpose and program of the AAUW, AAUW of Virginia, and the Branch.
  3. The Committee on Public Policy shall be responsible for promoting the legislative and AAUW Public Policy Program for the biennium.
  4. The Committee on Finance shall be responsible for implementing the fiduciary duties as outlined under the Finance section and specifically to assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget, and in other relevant duties requested by the Treasurer. This committee shall develop and implement recommendations for Branch support of AAUW Funds.
    • A minimum of two (2) members shall be appointed annually by the President to assist the Treasurer with the following:
      • Making a careful evaluation of the investments and their earning history in both up and down markets. In the event that the Committee on Finance finds it necessary to leave the current Money Management Fund, it is to consider a socially responsible Money Management Fund to recommend to the Board of Directors.
      • Performing the annual financial review
  5. The Committee on AAUW Funds (#9110 – numbers identify the fund) shall recommend Branch support on any of the all of the following: Legal Advocacy Fund – #3999; Educational Opportunities – #4336; Public Policy Fund – #4337; Leadership Programs Fund – #4339 and Eleanor Roosevelt Fund – #9170.
  6. The Committee on Bylaws shall review the Bylaws and Standing Rules annually making any recommendations for change. The Parliamentarian shall serve as consultant for parliamentary matters.
  7. The Committee on Communications shall be responsible for public information through the media and works in consultation with the newsletter, yearbook and e-mail editors and other officers.
  8. The Committee on Diversity shall promote diversity and social justice initiatives in all aspects of the Branch, working closely with the Committee on Program and the Committee on Membership.
  9. The Committee on International Relations shall provide an international or global perspective regarding women and girls in program and action, working closely with the Committee on Program and the Committee on Public Policy.