Communication and Privacy Guidelines

Roanoke Valley Branch AAUW will publish for information purposes an annual yearbook listing member information defined below. This will be distributed to the membership in printed form and MAY be published via electronic means.

Information to be included in the yearbook will include but not be limited to the name, address, telephone number, email address, and appropriate educational information, which will conform to the information on the AAUW Membership Services Database; Branch Bylaws and Standing Rules, General Program calendar; Goals and Objectives; recognition of Presidents; scholarship winners; named gifts program and other historical information. The President(s) and Communication Chair(s) shall maintain a list of email addresses, telephone numbers and street addresses to be used in contacting the membership.


The Branch will have a newsletter, to be published at least quarterly, for the purpose of distributing information to Branch members and other interested parties.

The newsletter will be published online and distributed to the membership via electronic means. Members unable to receive the newsletter via electronic means will be sent a copy via regular mail. Members are able to receive the newsletter by electronic means but desiring to receive a hard copy should request this in writing. The Branch MAY request these members to pay an additional fee (not to exceed $4 per year) if they choose to receive the newsletter by regular mail.

Changes in contact information printed in the yearbook will be published in the newsletter at the request of the member whose information has changed.

Additions to the yearbook, including the names and addresses of new members and changes or additions to program information will be published in the newsletter.

Other Media

The Branch will maintain a web page on the AAUW of Virginia website. This web page will conform to the specifications and requirements established by AAUW of Virginia for Branch web pages. Maintenance of the web page will be the responsibility of the person designated by the president(s).

The Branch will utilize such public print media as is available in the community. The Branch will also utilize, when appropriate, television and radio.

The Branch MAY maintain a presence on such other media as the board deems appropriate for the purpose of distributing information about the Branch. This may include but is not limited to online networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, a Branch blog, YouTube, and other websites available to the general public. These will be administered by a person designated by the president(s).

Privacy of Members

Members who wish to withhold any contact information (phone, address, email, etc.) from any of the above (except the yearbook) should submit a request in writing to the president(s) and Communications Chair. In the event that the person making such a request has a responsibility, such as, but not limited to, chairing a fund raising event, hosting a meeting, soliciting scholarship applications, chairing a community activity, this member may request to have her telephone number, mailing address, and email address replaced by the contact information of a person designated by the president(s) to receive such information.

New members not wishing to have their contact information printed in the newsletter may request to have it withheld.