Turning Point

What does a victim of domestic violence look like? Most often a victim is described as being a white female from a lower socioeconomic status. The abuser is of the same status and is described as the victim’s boy-friend or husband. The true face of domestic violence encompasses every possible descriptive classification that can be used to categorize human beings.

At Turning Point, Roanoke’s only secure domestic violence shelter, women and children in abusive situations find safety and support — and a chance to rebuild their lives. Safety comes first, so clients immediately receive emergency shelter. They often come in without anything except the clothes they are wearing, which means they need a fresh start which includes school supplies for the kids and basic hygiene products.

Monetary donations are welcome at Turning Point, as well as the following supplies:

Shelter Wish List *denotes items that are urgently needed
For Children For Women
Ear thermometer Etdnic hair care products*
Tissues (boxes & packs) Hairspray
Pull-ups* (3T/4T & 4T/5T) Conditioner
Size 2/3T underwear (boys & girls) Large cups witd lids
Slippers or non-skid socks* Bedroom slippers/non-skid socks
Baby lotion Small and plus size pajamas
Baby wash Size 5-9 underclotdes
Juices* All size bras
DVD players (for bedrooms) Umbrellas
DVD movies Journals*
Infant socks Department store gift cards
Birthday party packs (call us for info) Socks
Craft store gift cards
General Items Needed at the Shelter Throughout the Year
Postage stamps Business size envelopes
Pillows Clothes hamper
Plastic clothes hangers Grocery store gift cards*
Combination locks Alarm clocks
First aid supplies Fresh fruits*
Snack food items* High efficiency laundry detergent
Paper plates Fabric softener sheets
Paper towels Plastic food storage containers
Bath towels Antibacterial soap pumps
Hand sanitizer Cleaning products
Pot holders Valley Metro individual bus passes
½ Gallon size zip lock baggies Vacuum cleaner
Dish cloths Over the counter meds (no aspirin)
White copy paper* Black permanent magic markers
White-out correctional tape HP black print cartridge #56
Lexmark black print cartridge #36 Hp black print cartridge #15
Dry erase markers Standard staples
Toilet paper Plastic eating utensils
Disinfectant spray Tall kitchen trash bags
Scotch tape Industrial carpet cleaner*
HP 13A laser jet cartridge HP black print cartridge #45